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The Miseducation of Hip Hop

Just what is the definition of Hip Hop? Well according to youngster of this generation it is a music genre, a trend, a lifestyle, anything that comes to mind on today's youth. When you ask old-school enthusiast they'll agree on one term, it's a "Culture" for them. For today's young men and women hip hop has a deep impact on their lives, back then when Hip Hop was still a growing phenomenon, when all you hear on the radio station was rock and roll, pop, country and dancehall music, hip hop made noise by starting their own with the emergence of rap music.

It was cool when old-school hip hop beats such as, Kool G Rap's, KRS One's, Big Daddy Kane's and all of them Old School flavor was hitting the scene, you see people of all races dance to it, but not much whites, as Vanilla Ice did a controversial that made them vulnerable to the culture. It was a Culture before which was strong and all about having fun, but in the midst of it all, the infamous "Gangsta 'Rap" emerge as Hip Hop's hard core side, Hip Hop was incorporated with gangs, and lyrics which rappers like Chuck D, who infamously runs Public Enemy, NWA the west side of hard knocks and several other gangsta 'rappers build hip hop's different foundation, Rappers talks about their run-ins with the Police, best delivered by NWA's "F * ck the Police", and tension with other gangs.

All Of that builds something heavy to the succesor of Hip Hop Culture, In The Mid-90's Gagsta 'Rap evolve and creates the Eastcoast / Westcoast beef, headed by California's Tupac and New York's Notorious BIG, then followed by their record labels like Pac's Deathrow Records and Biggie's Bad Boy Records, it was widely known, and in '96 Hardcore Gansta 'Rapper / Poet Tupac was assassinated, after him Biggie was also killed. Because of that youth in that generation was cautious, wild and curious, just to be "in" the "game", you have to be Gangsta ', the whole Hip Hop as a culture definition has evolve rapidly that it has become a lifestyle and on recent events it was Life for most.

Hip Hop has been misunderstood as of late, you see gangs going it all out, you hear rap music talking about sex, drugs and all that jazz, and Hip Hop's main meaning has been misinterpreted, it's not enough to explain how it goes down, but for a real Hip Hop enthusiast one must observe that, before all that beefing and conflict began Hip Hop was a wholesome act, even Tupac has Poetic lyrics that tackles life in general, not just the stereotypical hip hop we knew now.

All in all the total misconception on hip hop have to be the misunderstanding that all of the conflict and history of the culture bought, if only every people who listen or gets involved with hip hop has a wider conceptual analysis in their minds that they would understand, but that would be impossible. So the misconception of it will continue, people have different views, analysis, and conception on things so it will be real hard to unite one brain to another. This essay is not to criticize the culture except to open eyes to some who seeks a little opinion from a little fan.

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