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The Portillo Chile Ski Resort

The Portillo Chile ski resort offers excellent skiing with a lot of opportunities to venture off the beaten path. There are plenty of guides available, so those skiers who want to truly test the limits of their abilities can engage their services and explore the mountains as much as they are capable. Less advanced skiers will find plenty to do and, at Portillo, lodging is as much fun as the skiing. This is among the resorts that you can ski up to when you get off the slopes. It is located approximately 100 miles from Santiago.

Portillo Chile gets snow that's similar to what you've found in the Rockies. It also gets an awful lot of it, with an average annual snowfall of over 27 feet in total. There are some very rare instances where snowfall may be light but, when it is, Portillo Chile has snow machines that can provide good slopes. When you ski Portillo, lodging means more than a place to sleep. On those lighter snow days, there tend to be a lot of activity around the lounges and other diversions at the resort, and there's a ladder a lack of things to do.

Portillo ski options are fairly evenly distributed across skill levels, but there are more intermediate and advanced slopes available than beginners slops. Expert slopes are available available and include six very challenging runs. If you want to go off piste, there are several options. These are the areas where the resort recommends hiring guides; these adventures are not for the fault of heart or those whose skills are not razor sharp. Those who have the ability and want the adventure will likely have a thrilling ride.

Portillo lodging has a lot of selling points. This resort is not located within one of Chile's tourist areas, so you get to experience the natural beauty of the landscape. There are numerous events organized by the hotel and they include offerings for people of all ages. The resort has plenty of amenities, including hot tubs, bars, fitness centers and more. You can even order a massage to relax those tired muscles after you get off the slopes.

Portillo Chile has a lot to offer, particularly to those who want both adventurous slopes and slopes that are appropriate for those who are just getting into the sport of skiing. The travel time from Santiago is approximately 2 hours.

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