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The Silver American Eagle Proof Coin Is Certainly a Collector’s Item

What makes the Silver American Eagle Proof different from the Silver Eagle bullion? The proof is simply a collector’s version of the coin. In addition, these special coins are not available as fractional Silver Eagles, only the bullion/one ounce size.

What Makes the Silver Eagle Special?

Another specific feature of the Silver American Eagle Proof coin is that this coin is only produced at the West Point mint. You will see a “W” to the left of the eagle’s feet on the reverse side of the coin. If you are interested in a particular year, ensure that you purchase that coin within the year that is minted because once the following year is minted; the prior year can no longer be purchased. There are also both proof as well as uncirculated condition coins available.

The Silver Eagle Features

Other than the “W” on the coin, the Silver Eagle looks identical to the Silver Eagle bullion. The front or obverse reflects Lady Liberty who is enveloped in the fold of the flag and in a full stride. Her right hand is extended out in front of her and her left hand is holding branches of oak and laurel. The sun is rising above a mountain in front of her. On the reverse side of the coin, reflects an eagle with its wings unfolded and raised with a shield in front of his body. There are arrows in his left talon and an olive branch in the right. There are also 13 five point stars above the eagles’ head which represent each colony that began what we know as the United States of America.

The design of a coin can certainly be an important feature for a collector but there is also the size, the content and the weight that many also consider when choosing a new coin for their collection. For the Silver American Eagle Proof coin, it is a one ounce coin in which the face value is $1.00 and contains 99.9% silver. The diameter is 1.598 inches, there is 0.999 troy ounces of silver and weighs 1.00 troy ounces.

The Silver Eagle Presentation

The mint uses special dies to create each beautiful coin. The coin presses receive the blank dies and are physically struck several times so that the images are as detailed as possible for the final presentation. Once the coin has been formed, it is buffed and shined to enhance every detail of the exterior appearance of the coin.

The Silver American Eagle Proof is then placed into a soft dark velvet, in dark blue, presentation case along with an official Certificate of Authenticity from the United States mint. Along with this certificate, the purchaser also receives the U.S. government’s guarantee of the Silver Eagle’s content, weight and also the purity of the coin. This presentation is beautiful and elegant to display in any coin collection.

Collecting can certainly be a lot of fun and rewarding. In fact, if you have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), you may want to add your Silver Eagle to your IRA. The Silver American Eagle is the only collectible coins that the United States government allows to be included in an individual’s IRA. Please consult with your tax consultant for adding a Silver Eagle to your IRA is the best for you.

If your coin collection is in need of a new coin and you don’t have the Silver Eagle, then you should consider adding it. The Silver American Eagle Proof is indeed a beautiful coin that you will enjoy for a very long time.

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