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The Top 3 Effects of Rejection on a Woman’s Life

A woman’s basic need is that of acceptance. A woman needs to feel unconditionally loved and cherished. When God created the woman, he did so from a man’s rib so that she would be acceptable to him. After God presented her to him, Adam said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”, meaning that he totally and unconditionally accepted her. It is therefore true that throughout the ages, the woman has sought man’s acceptance and this forms a vital part of her life.

From the time a girl child is born, it is important that the male figures in the family, i.e. the father and brothers should accept her, love her and cherish her. Any form of rejection at this tender age causes very serious damages to the personality of this girl. It also follows that, later in life any form of rejection of a woman by the men in her life, be it boyfriend, husband or lover also has very adverse effects.

Having studied some of the effects of rejection on a woman’s life, I have sifted them to the following top three:

Low Self Esteem

When a woman is rejected, her self-esteem takes a hard knock. My English Thesaurus describes self-esteem as: self-worth, sense of worth, confidence or self-respect. So one can imagine what this woman goes through when she loses sense of worth or self-respect. It is common to find young girls living rough, engaging in prostitution, crime and drugs. They grow up as reckless women who are doomed to the rubbish dumps of society. Even, when a girl grows up being accepted by men in her family but is not accepted later in life by a lover, boyfriend or husband. Life can just take an about turn and we find women who grew up in respected families, well -educated or with meaningful careers but being reckless or weakened because of lack of self-respect.

Wasted Time and Money

Women invest a lot of time and money, trying to look good or trying to buy acceptance. Thousands of dollars are spent every day in buying fashionable clothes, some of which are only worn once and discarded. A lot of money is spent on cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery, and having hair-dos and facelifts. All this is in the hope that men would notice and accept them. Please do not get me wrong, there is need for basic hygiene and make-up to look good and need for nice, well-fitting clothes; but there is the other extreme that I am talking about; the obsession. Some women virtually live very artificial lives in front of the mirror or in shopping malls, just to look good. Lots of time and money is spent and in most cases the men do not notice or they notice but they just do not take these women seriously. When they need meaningful relationships, they go back to basics and choose the most basic or plain woman.

Stolen Peace and Joy

It follows then that when a woman becomes pre-occupied with seeking acceptance and concentrating her efforts on this one issue, she is not at peace. She is robbed of satisfaction in life or inner joy. It is not easy to be peaceful or joyful when one feels rejected because a void is created in the inner man.

As I thought long and hard about this aspect of life, I realised that rejection is women’s worst enemy because it causes them to lose respect for themselves, lose time and money and to lose peace and joy. It is also true that a woman needs to be loved and accepted by the men in her life in order to complete God’s original plan when he created them. It is also vital that women go back to their creator to report cases of rejection and allow him to restore them to wholeness according to his original plan.

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