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Tips For Getting Positive Responses to Your Free Online Dating Tagline

You have to think about your online dating profile as an advertisement. Yes, because it is your advertisement for you. Your sales pitch, sometimes not for your services, but for you, yourself, and your personality and whatever baggage you are dragging along with you.

If you are familiar with advertising copy you know that you need a WOW to hook them up front. On online dating sites it is often called your tag line. Other than your picture, this is the next thing someone will either look for or see.

It is widely acknowledged that some of the online dating sites have done lots of studies regarding what, who, where and so forth. One of the studies was regarding online dating photos. It was shown that for many people the first thing they look at or for is a photo. No photo, no further looking. So put a photo up there. It is a part of your profile.

Tag lines are a second area that is almost as important as what you write in the rest of your profile. A good one is like a good ad and gets a lot of attention. Also remember that some sites truncate tag lines so always go back and look to make sure that did not happen. The result could be very embarrassing.
A good tag line should generate some interest in you. You do not want anything dreary or dull because you will be judged by it. A snappy one liner may say it best. If using this, give it a lot of thought so a few words represent you.

Using a favorite quote or even misleading a favorite quote can work. You may get the attention of someone simply because they recognize where the quote came from. Book writers often use a line of poetry before they begin a chapter. You could also do this but try to keep it simple. Length will not impress. A tag line may be the window to your soul. It could also find you that very special person you have been looking for. Choose it with very great care and thought.

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