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Tips for Manifesting What You Want in Your Life

Weird as it may sound, you're already manifesting the things you currently have in your life. Whether they're good, bad or indifferent. Everything that surrounds you (yes, everything) is being diagnosed by you. But if you're like most people I talk to, that reality does not match up with what you think you're manifesting. Here are some ideas to move the two closer together.

Be clear what you want

Without doubt, you need to start by being crystal clear about what it is you want to manifest.

I find it best to concentrate on one or two things at any given time rather than having a shopping list of wants and desires. But other people manage that way, so it's probably just individual preference. So give both options a try to see which works best for you.

Set aside some quality time where you will not be disturbed and write (or type) in detail exactly what you want while leaving the universe some wiggle room to over-deliver. So if you want to manifest the perfect relationship, do not name names. And if you're manifesting your dream house, do not give the precise address. Because those options may never be available in this lifetime and anyway the universe may over deliver instead. That happens a lot.

Make sure to include how you'll feel when your manifestation happens, what you'll see, what you'll hear. The closer you can get to stepping into your description, the quicker it will happen.

Relax and open your mind

Once you've done that first process, let the universe take care of the next steps.

Do not stifle the universe!

Give it some space.

Sure, you'll have to do some things towards whatever it is you're manifesting. But instead of chasing shadows, just be as open as you can be to things happening that move you closer to your end result.

Sometimes – maybe most times – that will not be a straight line between where you currently are and where you're going to get to.

That's fine.

But most certainly be open to little things that can lead on to larger things – those minor coincidences seem to happen a lot more than random chance once you're really aiming to manifest something.

And be happy following the occasional seemingly random trail in life. Again, these have a habit of leading somewhere pleasant yet unexpected that gets you closer to your goal.

Approach life with a sense of fun and adventure

If you can relive the fun and wonderment of youth, do so.

But if you can not do that easily, that's fine as well.

We unlearn that approach as we get older and supposedly wiser, so it's not unusual to have to relearn how to have fun and adventure in our lives.

Part of the reason this bit of the puzzle works so well is that we do not have as many pre-conceived ideas when we're having fun and going with the flow. So good things can happen without us getting in their way and scuppering our chance of manifesting what we want.

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