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Tips for Using a Technical Document Translation Service

A document translation service can easily provide you with technical documentation translation to help you get your project off the ground and go global. There are steps that you can take that will make the translation move along nicely and move your project from drawing board to market quickly.

Using a technical document translation service that has the right experience can help you to avoid many of the issues that crop up during the translation and taking these helpful steps will make the entire project move along without a hitch.

  1. Give straight forward instructions that are clear. Let the document translation service know about your time frames and turn around needs. Try to get a clear commitment on how long the project is expected to take and make sure that you give all the information that is needed and keep open channels of communication.
  2. English is significantly shorter than most languages. As a matter of fact most languages ​​are 20% longer than English, so if you are going from English to another language allow for more room on your written documents, websites and other printed materials. Make sure that your format is something fluid to ensure that the translation will fit with the graphics on the technical document once the translation is complete.
  3. Make the job easier for your translation team by keeping sentences short, to the point and avoid using run on's and connecting clauses that do not translate well. The best technical document is clear concise and to the point and it is also the easiest type to translate.
  4. Send files (if you are sending them electronically) compressed or zipped it is easier to send them that way and it also is an added measure of security. Fonts and other graphics can easily become corrupt but if you zip the file and compress it, corruption is much less likely. Instead of embedding images in electronic files, link them. There is less chance that the images will distort if you link instead of embedding.
  5. Provide style sheets and good examples of what you hope the finished product to look like. A smooth translation depends on good communication. You have to take responsibility for your share of the work and be open to discussions about what you expect the end result to be. Providing samples and examples (the more the better) is a good way to clarify what you are after.

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