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Tips on How to Create Your Own Vacuum Cleaner

Things you will need:

* Empty Bottle or Jar
* Garden Hose
* Kitchen Sponge
* Silicone
* Fast Fill Electrical Air Pump (usually made for air mattresses)

Most people would think that a vacuum cleaner makes produces a vacuum. Actually, it pulls air in one end and releases it in the other end. It is the air pressure that causes the air to rush in to the unit to replace the released air. In the machine, there is a filter that keeps holds the dirt and allow the air to bypass. You can do an experiment by making your own vacuum! Or you make the cheapest vacuum by acquiring some parts. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Cut a long hose into two pieces, one is shorter than the other. The short hose will be connected to the bottle with pump and the longer hose will suck the dirt. Make sure that the length of the hose is enough to make the cleaning process faster.

Step 2

Mount the hose to the top of the bottle by cutting a hole on top. Glue one end of the shooter hose to the whole. Make sure that the whole will be covered up with the hose. The other end of the shorter hose will be connected to the air pump that will blow the air out.

Step 3

Setup a filter. Ensure that the bottle can withstand air pressure. You can use a plastic storage jar. Cut a hole in one side of the bottle. This will serve as the exhaust hole of the vacuum cleaner. The dust should be held inside the vacuum while the air passes out. You can use a kitchen sponge as the filter. Glue the sponge inside the bottle over the hole.

Step 4

Finish the connections. Attach one end of the longer hose using the silicone to the other hole in the air pump (the hole that sucks the air). Ensure that all connections are tightly sealed to avoid any air leakage. The sponge is the only open area, where the air will be blown out.

Now you have a complete system. Air and dirt go in the longer hose. Then it goes through the pump, and is blown through the toilet hose. The air and dirt ends up in the bottle. Air pressure builds up in the bottle and the air is pushed through the sponge, leaving the dirt behind.

Note: Everything will pass through the fast fill electrical pump. This is not its main purpose. It can not handle coins, nails, or other hard objects. This is the type of vacuum cleaner that will not last long, and it does not offer an easy way to empty the dirt out of the bottle container. This vacuum has limited usage. This is just an experiment on learning how a vacuum work and it can only get rid small amount of dust. If you want to have an efficient vacuum, there are numerous models available in the market.

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