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Tips On How To Treat Babies With Downs Syndrome Correctly

Babies inherit genetic information from their parents in the form of forty six chromosomes. The father produces twenty three as well as the mother, but in down syndrome one of the pair of chromosome produces three partners resulting in a total of forty seven chromosomes .. It is a congenital abnormality. This condition may transmitted by either parent. When women over thirty five years old have children a good chance that her baby will become mongoloid.

It is easy to recognize infections suffering from mental retardation called Downs syndrome. Most babies that are mongoloid have an IQ fifty or lower. Most of the mongoloid – victims experience growth growth resulting in a small skull, coarse and scanty hair, a flat face and an upward slope in the eyes. The tongue of the mongoloid is thick and they have short hands and feet. It is also obvious that Down syndrome victims have a speech delay and they need speech therapy to help them with expressive language.

Infants who are mongoloid have abnormalities in intestines, heart and teeth. They also have difficulty hearing, an under active thyroid, eye problems, and gastrointestinal blockages.

Scientists are still studying the reason for the chromosomal error and how to prevent it. Expert recommended parents with Down syndrome children to enroll them at a training program center. Therapists can educate mongoloids and help them develop motor skills and language.

Training is so important for the mongoloid – victim. Some training program centers train mongoloids to do as much as their limits permit. The excessive abnormalities vary from child to child. Some children need a lot of medical treatment while others lead a healthy life.

Pregnant women can be screened for various complications during pregnancy. Amniocentesis is a test performed during the first fourteen to twenty weeks of fetal development to know if the fetus has Down syndrome. This test involves the removal of a small amount of amniotic fluid through a needle inserted in the abdomen of the pregnant mothers. The extracted cells are used to analyze the presence of chromosomal abnormalities. This test may result in fatal injury, preterm labor or miscarriage.

Parents can use any program that is offered in school. There are also strides being made in education, housing, and social settings to create an environment to support to people with Down syndrome. In most developed countries, since the early twentieth century many people with Down syndrome were housed in institutions or colonies and excluded from society.

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