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Tips on Making the Best Girls Party Bags

A party bag is a great way to make your kids party memorable. Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect party favor. Giving your party guests a gift to take home is a fairly affordable way to make sure your party goes with a bang.

Themes – Rather than choosing plain party bags why not go for something a bit more exciting. Party bags come in a variety of themes that your party guests will love. If your children love Pepper Pig, High School Musical or Disney Princess there is a party favor for you.

Sweet Treats – Edible party favors always go down well with children and are ideal as fillers. The trees you choose will depend on the age group of children you are hosting the party for. Lollipops are a good choice and are extremely cost effective. Birthday cake is another great filling.

Jewelery – Bracelets or rings are ideal for putting in party bags and are guaranteed to delight. Unlike the other fills childrens jewelery is something to keep and be treasured. Hair clips and sparkly hair bobbles are also great.

Games – A miniature game is great to put some fun into the gesture. Toys such as mini bouncy balls are perfect and come in a wide range of bright colors. This type of party favor is great as the children get to take them home with them.

Stickers – Little extras like stickers really add the finishing touches to your gift.

Pens – Colored crayons, glitter glue and mini felt tips are all good ideas. Pretty pens with a little notebook are bound to go down a treat.

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