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Top 4 Tips to Improve your Ebay Listings and Sell More on Ebay!

The better your listing looks on eBay the more likely it is to sell well. So how do you improve your listings to make them desirable and get you the best price that you can? This article will give you the top four tips on creating a great listing.

1. Have good quality pictures. The better the quality of picture the more likely it is that people will buy your item. Make sure you take the photo in good light as this makes your item stand out better. Think about it, you would not want to buy something that looks out of focus or the picture was not clear.

Take more than one photo at different angles and choose the best one.

2. Choose the most specific category possible. This helps buyers find your item, and therefore give it better exposure. If you're not sure then you are allowed to list in a second category.

3. Your title is the most important aspect of your listing. If you have a descriptive qualifying title then people are more likely to have a look at your listing in more detail. Try to use words that you think people will be looking for and provide as much detail as the space will allow. Do not waste space by putting unnecessary words or characters such as @LOOK HERE @ or ** HOT ** as it has been shown to put off buyers.

4. Provide as much detail in your listings as possible. People like to know upfront things like the condition of the item – New / Used. Does it have any marks / scratches on it. If it's a book or dvd, what year is it from. What is it about? The more information you can provide the better.

Not only does this help people decide either to bid on your item or not, it reduces the number of emails that you will get asking questions about your item.

Improving your listings is simply a matter of showing off your product to the best it can be by providing a great clear picture, killer title and detailed description. If you do this well you'll be on the way to eBay riches sooner than you think!

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