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Top Tips To Get More YouTube Views

There are ways you can get more YouTube views and you DO NOT have to wait months to generate these views. Check out these top tips to get more YouTube views:

1. TITLES. Seeing as this is one of the first thing viewers see, the title of your video is very important. We have all clicked on videos based on catchy titles, just out of curiosity. Catchy titles are very important for generating immediate views. As soon as your vid goes live in the "new videos" category you can start stacking up dozens of immediate views within seconds, and hundreds within within the first hour with a good title.

2. THUMBNAILS. These are the little icons you see right underneath the title, which basically gives a little screenshot preview of your video. If you have an interesting (or sexy) thumbnail, you can almost guarantee MAJOR VIEWS. Many people will simply insert an image of a sexy woman or man in the middle of their video and use that as a thumbnail thumbnail image. The views generated can be thousands using this tactic, though beware, people tend to be disappointed when they see the thumbnail does not match the content.

3. USE A SERVICE. This is the fastest way and the top tip to get more YouTube views. There are actual services out there that you can sign up for and they will do all the work for you. The good services will organically generate views by having real people subscribed to your videos, friend your channel, and view your videos. The important thing here is to use a service that will have REAL PEOPLE views . Some services use "spam bots" to generate views. YouTube see's through this and will suspend your video or channel. But there are other services which use real people views and are compliant with the terms and services on YouTube.

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