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Tribal Tattoo Designs for Women

Getting a tattoo was once considered masculine. Years ago, many women are hesitant on getting tattoos for the reason that they may be viewed rebellious. But since men and women are becoming more equal on almost all aspects nowadays, sporting a tattoo for women is no longer a major gender issue. After the world has become lenient and understanding on women’s desire for equal rights, women with tattoos are viewed as having a strong personality, even sexy and independent. Girly tattoos are said to be popular in working women and even in older teenagers because it is fast becoming a fashion statement. But they are not just fond of girly tattoo designs; they even went far on pushing their imagination by venturing in to the art of tribal tattoos. Thus, the trend of brandishing tribal tattoos for women is born.

Tribal tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. This tattoo originated from tribal groups (aborigines and indigenous people) from countries like Cambodia, New Zealand, Borneo, Philippines, and other parts of the world. Reasons for wearing this tattoo can be for decorative and cosmetic purposes, and identification (from what tribe does the wearer belongs). Tribal tattoos symbolize tribe status and rank, bravery, heritage, religious and spiritual devotion, and even pledge of love.

Since tribal tattoos are also popular among women, designs that have softer tones are created to suit the female personality. Lines are thinner and solid black, though a little coloring or decorative sparkles can be added to make the designs more girly. The patterns have more swirls, pointed, and even use curved elements. The adventurous type would even request her initials to be added in the swirls and interconnected lines. Most popular designs for women are the sun, moon, and claws. Some even add other feminine symbols like hearts and flowers. Other popular symbols for women are the butterfly and the shark. With the butterfly, women identify themselves with the transformation that a butterfly undergoes – from a simple caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. And the symbol of a shark signifies vibrancy and energy of a woman.

Tribal tattoos for women are  often seen adorning their foot, ankles, lower back, nape, upper chest, shoulders, and even other parts of the body that are deemed sexy. When worn in wrists and ankles, they look like bracelets and anklets, additional accessories that complete a sexy outfit. But no matter what designs are chosen for these tattoos and wherever they are placed in the body, always bear in mind to choose the design that reflects your personality. Choose a tribal tattoo that is meaningful, worthwhile, and suits you best.

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