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True Story – The Obstacle

Let me tell you a true story of my college who who believes in what he did. I still remember sometime ago, my college had had a slight problem with his boss (well most people do hahaha ..). However, my friend was actually a "yes boss" kind of person before this. They have a few big problems in their department. During that time, they are in not so good condition and their top boss (which is also my top boss) had pushed them to achieve a target as agreed at the mid year but until almost an end year they still not achieve any of it. And what make it worst they did not come closer to the target, but instead it moves far away from target. Like in the marketing world you are not getting closer to get profit, but you are losing, and it getting bigger and bigger. Huh! It became very stressful. They started thinking the actions that they must take since the early plan not working at all. Beside doing analysis on data, my friend did interview all of his teams to get more accurate information. However, it became worst when my friend and his boss have a different opinion on which area they need to focus on. My friend so recognized that his plan will work. He wanted it to make it happen caused it was his neck, I'm talking about. If it fails, he will not get any bonus this year. However, you have to do what your boss said right (at least a little). So he divided his team into two and started with the plan of his boss and his plan because he knew what he needed and why he needed to overcome it. Why he needed to overcome it, because of, he needed the year end bonus. Most of his teams and a few colleges thought he might not get the target on time. His boss also knew that my friend is not fully focused on his order. They even have a fight and his boss cave him a warning sign. And you know what, he managed to get to target within 1 month, and it tends to get closer. So his boss did not bother him anymore and let him continue with his plan. At the end year he got very close to the target, although not achieving it at 100 percent. And he got the year end bonus. Good for him!

You might think, "Huh! Sam just made it up". However, this is a real story. It might not be a big successful story but the moral of the story is what important here. When you observe around you sometimes you do not have to get so far to learn about life .. From the above story we can see that any obstacle can become if you know WHY you want to over it. This is the same in the marketing world is a lot like making it through a jungle. It's going to be tough at times.

1) Person may laugh at you.
2) People may tell you're crazy.
3) People may tell you 'll never be successful with it.
4) People are going to turn you down, and at times it's going to hurt your feelings.

The people who will try and stop you from completing your journey and will try to keep you from achieving your freedom that lies on the other side.

"To make it because, you need to keep your head up – you need to be focused on your goal, and you need to have your site so laser focused on what you want, and what you believe that nothing will get in your way. You have to become a RHINO! You have to be so tough that nothing is going to stop you "- quoted by SU.

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