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Using Classified Ads to make it Rich

Everyone wishes to become rich and famous or at least make enough money to pay his or her bills without working all those hours. Today, many individuals are trying all kinds of things to make money and some are hitting it big even with pyramid schemes that most shy away from. The idea of making money is not a new thing. The problem comes in when you have ideas but do not have any idea where to start.

No matter what your dream, you can use classified ads to make your dream a reality. What is it you want? Do you want to build websites, become a freelance writer, sell used items, start a store, tutor, or even become a photographer? There are ways to get started. In some cases, you will need the money to start the business, especially in cases of opening a store or becoming a photographer, as you will need inventory or the cameras to take the photos.

Okay, you have the ambition, the inventory, and all you need. What is next? Can you just sit back and wait for something to happen. I do not believe if you put a sign in the yard stating you are a web designer, freelancer writer, tutor, or photographer, you will get very far.

You can also make signs and post them at the corner or at the grocery store. How far do you think this will take you? Okay, yes you can get listed in the telephone book, but it is only published once per year. By then, your business could be bankrupt. What to do now?

The answer is classified ads. You can place classified ads in your local newspaper. Be sure to purchase ads and write the ads so you will draw attention to those that will want your service or product. Classified ads online can also bring you plenty of traffic even in the real world. To create classified ads online you do not have to have a website. You can always write the ad and provide contact information such as your business telephone or cell phone if you do not wish to give out your home telephone number. Of course, if you are advertising a store, you should put the address of the store in the ad.

Let’s use a website designer as an example to show how classified ads online will help this person make money. You have an ad in the local newspaper, but you do not have a listing in the telephone until next year. The ad in the newspaper is getting a few responses, but you are still only making one website about every 3 months. This is not enough money to pay the bills and you are considering throwing in the towel. Then you decide to place an online classified ad. You write a catchy ad explaining your business and provide a telephone number. You do have a website, so you also include the address. In just one day, you have talked with 10 people looking for someone to design their website. This is just an example, but if you can write a classified ad that will be presented to those that are actually looking for your product or service you will truly be able to make a large profit with your classified ads.

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