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Using Your Name to Generate Traffic

Imagine having a billboard featuring your URL showing up every time you answer an email, post to a forum or blog or even visit your favorite online game.

Potently that billboard could be seen by tens-of-thousands of potential website visitors.

You can make it happen and it will not cost you a dime.

Every time you create a user name, make it your URL.

For example, I have a website called http://www.StopDebtWorry.com . If I wanted to generate traffic to that site I might sign up for a forum with the user name StopDebtWorryCom or StopDebtWorry-Com. For most people the user name explicitly "translates" into a URL and can generate visitors.

You can do the same for your email: Make the "name" that displays your URL or your name plus URL. In my case the return address for my Kevin@All-In-One-Business.com account is Kevin at All-In-One-Business.com rather than Kevin Bidwell. This gets my URL out there even more and brands me along with it.

This simple change can make a huge difference in your business in the coming years.

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