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Vaginal Discharge Odor – Every Woman's Worst Nightmare

Vaginal discharge odor can be embarrassing and masking it with scented soap and underwear, or applying douches can make matters worse. Take heart, there is a cure for this upsetting condition.

What Causes Vaginal Discharge Odor?

Usually a healthy woman has vaginal discharges. The smell has a musky scent but a fishy smell that indicates infection inside the genital area caused by tiny protozoan, including the intractable yeast fungi. Before any medication is prescribed, a doctor will do a whiff test to determine what kind of infection is thriving in the genital tract.

For the whiff test, several drops of KOH or potassium hydrozide are added to a vaginal discharge sample. If a strong fishy scent is detected, bacterial vaginosis is confirmed. Vaginosis is symptomatic of candidiasis or the yeast infection.

If the cause is yeast infection, there are several cures including an all natural cure that provides 100% permanent relief from yeast infection. You can get out of the embarrassing mess that is ruining your social and personal life without resorting to an endless parade of antibiotics that can not cure the infection. Certainly, the incompetent vaginal discharge odor will disappear only to reappear after a period.

If you have been trying to treat the condition for years with antibiotics every time it flares up, you have ignored important factors that contribute to the infection – diet and drink. Consuming too much alcohol, smoking, eating too much sweets and exports do add to the worsening condition. Synthetic underwear, perfumed soaps, and douches are also to be avoided if you wish the odor to go away permanently.

Get Rid of the Vaginal Discharge Odor Naturally

Medications and medical consultations do not come cheap that includes taking maintenance pill against yeast infection or vaginal thrush. Home remedies work fine and do not contain harmful chemicals. Take your apple cider vinegar with the mother and tea tree oil. A hot bath with vinegar or tea tree oil can remove the smelly discharge and the itchiness. For a douche, mix two table spoons vinegar with water.

Gentian violet is another cure. This is applied inside the wall of the vagina by a health care professional. Pau d Arco and citrus seed extract are diet supplements to increase the acid environment in the intestinal tract. When there is enough acid, the yeast fungus can not multiply quickly. To boost your efforts, avoid all sweets and yeast breads. Eating yogurt and adding a few tablespoons vinegar into your drinking water can promote your treatment.

Predictably, the results will vary from person to person. Do not be discouraged if the treatment seems to take awhile. In time, you will smell improvements in your vaginal discharge odor and the disappearance of other symptoms – foggy mind, irritability, sore joints, sore throat, and abdominal pain.

Do not rely too much on medicines easily bought over the counter. These can only treat the symptoms not the cause of the spread of yeast infection. If you think the symptoms are gone with medications, be ready for another attack of foul vaginal discharge odor.

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