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Victoria Beckham RTW Collection At London Fashion Week Spring “17

Victoria Beckham RTW Collection At London Fashion Week Spring “17

The mood of this season’s Victoria Victoria Beckham collection — the designer’s second line — was easy and languid, with soft tailoring, embroidered denim and breezy slipdresses all in the mix.

“I can really have fun with this collection,” said Beckham during a walk-through at her Soho showroom. “I really feel that I know who the VVB customer is now.”

And given what Beckham described as her customer’s penchant for a “fun” yet “sophisticated” take on fashion, Beckham peppered charming, quirky motifs throughout the season’s designs. Hummingbirds — which Beckham considers “a sign of good luck” — were embroidered onto pieces such as leather mini-skirts or a black silk pants-and-top combo, while fringed turquoise palm trees were appliquéd onto a crisp, white shirt. The latter were inspired by the sunny climes of Los Angeles and Palm Springs, where Beckham said she’d designed the collection.

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