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Virginia Pine

One of America's most popular species of Christmas tree is the famous Virginia Pine. Against popular belief the Virginia pine does not grow only in Virginia. The Virginia flourishes across the eastern seaboard of the United States and can be found in many states such as: Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee and even in hot southern states like Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas. While there are varying species of the Virginia Pine most have very similar genetic backgrounds and because of its hardiness the Virginia Pine has flourished.

Most of the Virginia Pines popularity lies within its home of the southern and eastern United States. The Virginia is one of the most beautiful species of Christmas tree and with its unique ability to survive in harsh growing conditions, its no surprise that it is a very popular tree. Virginia Pine's are found in areas with poor soil and hot dry conditions like in the Appalachian Mountains. Some of these trees are known to live up to 100 years. One of the distinct features of this type of tree is its unusual twisted pair needles. These needles have yellow tint to them and are unlike most other pines.

While the Virginia Pine is wildly popular for Christmas use it has other uses as well. The forestry industry and the construction industry use the Virginia Pine both for its strength and because of its commonality in natural forests. For reforestation the Virginia is popular because it grows so well even under less optimum conditions. In addition because these trees are used so widely during Christmas time they are a popular choice for wood pulp and lumber. Take a visit to the eastern United States and you are more than likely to find plants and forests filled with Virginia Pines.

In the old days the Virginia Pine was just another tree. Back then there were little to no uses for this specific type of tree. But as America grew and the celebration of Christmas increased the tree became commercially successful. Because of the large demand for strong trees scientists have worked in genetics to create a more efficient strain of Virginia Pine. Thanks to modern science modern trees can survive and in fact thrive in a wide variety of conditions. The Virginia Pine is perhaps the most carefully bred species of Christmas tree

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