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What Do You Get For Ring Bearer Gifts?

A ring bearer can be a nephew, a godson, or the child of a friend. So you need to give you serious consideration to ring bearer gifts when you prepare for your wedding. He is going to carry your rings after all! Best to treat him nicely to prevent any pre-wedding disasters. He is going to command the ceremony's attention when he walks down the aisle. Make sure he is smiling when he does.

A Little Gift for A Little Boy

Keep in mind that the ring bearer has to rent a suit, buy shoes, join the dress rehearsals, have during photos, and generally, act beyond his age. Ring bearer gifts are a small price to pay for his cooperation. He is not going to expect a gift for this too. So when you give him one, he will be ecstatic.

Picking ring bearer gifts is not an easy task. It is made more complicated if you really do not know the little boy that well. Remember to pick gifts that are appropriate to the boy's age. This means that it can not be breakable or dangerous. We all know how rowdy little boys can be. So do not give a gift that might potentially endanger him. Also, do not give a gift that is too childish for an older boy. He might even be offended by it. When you shop, look at the product label or description. It will usually contain age recommendations.

What Gives?

A smart way to pick ring bearer gifts is to ask the mother of the boy about her son. No one knows a son better than his mother. She will be able to advise you about his hobbies and interests. You do not want to give a budding sports fanatic a microscope now do you? This also works if you are ordering a personalized item. The mother can confirm facts. You do not want to look stupid by giving a gift that is the wrong size or has the wrong name monogrammed. Another smart thing is to make sure the groom is involved. He would probably be more suited to pick ring bearer gifts because he was once a little boy himself.

You can give your ring bearer a sentimental keepsup. Examples are personalized feeding sets, engraved combs, a framed poem, or a ring bearer book. This is geared towards those who are too young to remember the occasion. This type gift will allow them to look back on their participation when they are older. For an older child, you can pick something he can use on a regular basis. Bath robes, mugs and even t-shirts fall in this category. Another great practical gift is a piggy bank. It is never too early to learn the value of money and you can give him a leg up on this.

Whatever you choose, give it with love. The boy will be part of a very important day in your life. Show him the appreciation that he describes by picking a great gift that he will treasure forever.

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