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What Exercises Are Best to Jump Higher?

If you want to jump higher, it's necessary to work the muscles involved with jumping. It's also worth trying to lighten the load (Ie, lose excess pounds so your muscles do not have to work as hard).

Increasing the volume of fast-twitch muscle fibers should be your greatest focus, as they're the muscles fibers that allow you to explode on a moments notice. The best exercises to jump higher will increase this muscle type.

People from certain racial background have been proven to have a higher density of fast-twitch fibers in their muscle and are known for jumping higher than others (Eg, Africans and African-American). However, race or backgrounds anywhere: Anyone can increase their fast-twitch fibers by concentrating on exercises to jump higher that make you explode.

Jump Squats

Squat down as far as you can and leap up, or forward as far as you can. This is one of the most key exercises to jump higher, as it involves jumping and exploding. Keep the repetitions low, with maximum effort spending with each rep and a decent amount of rest between each set. Once you can handle your own body weight easily: Jump with weights, or a partner on your back.

Parachute Runs

Running with a parachute is a great way to increase your ability to explode and jump higher. Like with the jump squats: Expend maximum effort with each run and also try to leap forward as far as possible with each stride.

Calf Raises

Your calf muscles have a great deal to do with how high you can jump and for how long. These should also be done with an explosive motion, rather than more slowly (like you would do when working them to increase size). They can be done on a calf machine, smith machine with a block under the ball of your feet, or on a leg press machine with the proper locking points and a spotter.

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