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What Is It About Chris Martin of Coldplay?

Coldplay is one of the largest bands in Rock Alternative or any genre of music, worldwide. Their songs and sounds featured on radio and in movies, but what is it about Coldplay and their songs? or better yet, what is it about their singer and songwriter Chris Martin that draws listeners in?

Like many great bands, if you take a look back to their earlier works and compare them to their most recent you'll see an often dramatic change in their sound, songs and production. It's typical for major bands and artists to work with producers, who will drastically or subtly change their sound as it's needed on recordings to make them better, but its really the growth of the artists that make them better with time. The music business is so fraught with talent and professionals that to stick around, you need to mean a lot, to a lot of people.

Listeners really like to get into Artists who have something to say, and really take comfort when what they hear relates to them. If that artist is staying honest, then as they grow over time, their fans will come with them, which is why the greatest bands not only attract new fans, but also retain fans from the very beginning. People heard something good and did not let go.

One thing that separates Chris Martin and Coldplay from the bunch is that their always presenting their songs as story that people can refer to. Not always literally, but next time you listen you'll understand that the best songwriters, your favorites let you make a picture in your head of what everyone is going through and feeling.

Coldplay also has the reputation of having particularly emotional content in their songs. Even if the topics change or the story is not the same, Chris martin is always taking us back to that place where everyone understands things, emotionally. Lyrics like "If you love me, you will not let me know" is something most everyone has asked or experienced.

And "Lights go out and I can not be saved … tides that I tried to swim against" is something that everyone can refer to.

The metaphors in Coldplay lyrics may seem simple upon analysis, but sometimes that's exactly why they resonate with so many people, because it does not take a unique experience to understand something that's said to affect a lot of people, a feeling of helplessness, a difficult trial or an undesired love. The words are not lost on anyone. Another band that was very successful with that approach to song writing and ironically has had one of the longest runs in the business, as well as one of the most prolific singers is U2. Next time you really like something, ask yourself if it's because the artist has tried top speak down to you with lofty concepts or if it's because they're reaching out to you with something any honest person can feel.

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