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What Is The Best Time To Walk?

Walking is such a great way to get your exercise. You can feel the breeze on your face and the sunshine provides natural vitamin D.

You can walk any time you have the time and the desire. The ideal time to walk depends on your schedule and habits.

Here are some good guidelines.

Your body needs to be nourished before and after you do any exercising. Eating some fresh fruit about half an hour before you leave for your walk is ideal. That is enough fuel to help your body with the job it will be doing.

Eating a heavy meal prior to walking can cause issues.

When you eat blood is drawn to your stomach to aid in the digestion of your food. When you exercise your muscles require a good blood supply to get the oxygen and other fuels it needs.

If you start a vigilous walk right after you eat the blood that would be helping you with digestion is lessened to aid your muscles in their job so your digestion is interrupted. That can lead to stomach pain and other complications.

Getting a good meal shortly after your walk is ideal. If you can plan to walk before breakfast, lunch or dinner your body will be able to make the most of the benefits that come with walking.

Drinking fluid about half an hour before you walk and then right after your return is crucial. Your body is mostly made of water. You need to stay hydrated.

What time of day you walk is a personal thing.

There are some benefits to walking first thing in the morning. Your metabolism gets a jump-start so you burn more calories through the day.

You also will not have to try to fit your exercise into your busy day. It will be all done so you can go out and do your daily tasks with lots of energy.

Walking in the afternoon or evening can be a real stress reliever. You increase the chemicals in your body that help you get through tough situations.

You can always split up your walks. Walk half an hour in the morning and then half an hour later in the day. That way you get all the benefits walking has to offer.

So the best time to walk is when your body is fueled and ready to go. Other than that there really are no fast and hard rules about when to walk.

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