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What Sets the Callaway LR550 Apart?

So, what is it that sets the Callaway LR550 apart from all the other golf range finders on the market? That truly is the million dollar question. The LR550 does have a lot of competition on the market. Why should you select the Callaway LR550 over the others?

The short answer is it remains a highly advanced device which can boost your potential to keep your golf score down. Why it does this is worth a closer examination ….

The Differences

  • Targeting is enhanced built-in reticle and LCD display which are designed to inform you of the changing while in progress as opposed to completion.
  • Nikon's (Callaway 'has outsourced the LR550 through Nikon) First Target Priority Mode allows measuring the distance directly to the flag even with trees and brush in the background. Scan-mode allows for varying different targets in continuously, for up to 20 seconds. All you need to do is keep the button pressed down.
  • This is an incredibly ultra light device that makes it a lot easier to carry and far less bulky.
  • The bright yellow casing ensures it remains visible which decreases the likelihood you lose or misplace it.
  • Unlike other models, the LR550 comes with multiple range finding modes which you can select from. This increases the potential that you will be able to effectively determine range with much greater accuracy.
  • The Callaway LR550 presents a continuous mode option which can range several different targets one after the other for eight seconds. Such a function boosts your capabilities for selecting the right club even in the most hazardous of conditions.

The Optics

In any serious discussion about what sets the Callaway LR550 apart from other models on the market, optics will deserve their own special heading. Simply put, a great deal of effective engineering has gone into crafting the opticals of the LR550.

On the surface, the 6x monocular is impressive and it contains additional components along the lines of enhance eye relief design and a folding rubber cap intended to accommodate those wearing glasses. The optics are also multicoated and posses a housing that is waterproof thanks to its accompanying nitrogen-sealed housing.

As you can see, there are quite a number of things that set the Callaway LR550 apart from the various other golf range finders on the market. These varied and expanded features enhance the potential for you to get the most out of your experience on the green.

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