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What to Avoid When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Anyone wanting to be married dreams of that perfect moment when the man presents the woman with a beautiful diamond engagement ring that just takes her breath away. He slips it on her finger, she breathlessly says "yes," and they live happily ever after.

However, it's not inaccurate to say that reality is far from this fairy tale fantasy. Many fans of the popular television show "Sex and the City" remember the famous scene where Carries gets a secret glimpse of the ring her boyfriend bought for her – and immediately throws up. While it may not be fair to expect a man to be able to read his intended fiancé's mind when it comes to selecting a ring, there are some things he can keep in mind to help him make the best selection.

For one thing, remember that this ring is a symbol of your love and your marriage. To buy the cheapest diamond engagement ring there is, not matter how frugal and practical you and your fiancé are, may not show her how much you think of that relationship you want to have with her. If her engagement ring is not worth a little bit of money, does that mean she's not worth much to you either? Like many gifts you give each other, that diamond engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry or some rock; it's a symbol, and one of the most important you'll come across in your life.

Another thing to remember when choosing a ring is that it is good to be attune to your girlfriend's style. Many men struggle in this area, but paying attention to a few clues can help you. For instance, glance at the jewelry she usually wears. Is it silver or gold? Many modern women view gold as being old fashioned and are opting for silver and platinum instead. If you do not see a lot of gold jewelry on her now, do not get a gold band for her ring. Also, is her jewelry small and subtle, or larger and more showy? Does she wear a lot or a little? If she has a tendency to wear a lot of jewelry, she may want a larger ring, or at least one that looks larger. If you can not afford a big diamond, consider getting sides stones, called baguettes, to enhance the look. Or opt for a thicker band. If her jewelry is smaller and more subtle, she may appreciate a smaller diamond with more baguettes on a thinner band.

And whatever you do, do not be offended if your girlfriend or new wife opts to trade in her diamond engagement ring for a different setting. Remember, this is something she's going to be wearing on her hand for the rest of her life, so let her pick something She's happy with if that's what she wants to do. She's just adjusting the ring's look, she's not trading in her new fiancé!

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