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What's Your Color Personality? Take the Quiz to Choose the Right Colors to Decorate Your Home

Figuring out which colors to choose to decorate your home is the first and largest step in creating a satisfying environment that embracees you when you enter your home.

When you walk into a furniture store to look for a sofa, or a paint store to look at swatches, the color selection can be overwhelming. Where to begin? There are literally thousands of options.

I've found that identifying your 'Color Personality "can help you to narrow down your options and more importantly, come up with the color scheme that matches the mood you want to create.

Studies have shown that colors actually have 'personalities', so if you choose a color that aligns with your personality, you will feel comfortable and 'at home' in your home.

Study the emotions and statements below to see which ones suit how you want to feel when you walk into your home:

A. Give me 'zen'. I want to feel like I'm in a tranquil garden or spa. I want to feel rejuvenated and soothed when I walk through the door. I want to feel like I am ready to grow and try new things. Color choice: Green. Sage green is more 'spa-like', and lighter greens more outdoor fresh.

B. I want to feel cozy and warm. Upbeat with possibly a bit of country feel. I like mixing the old with the new. Color choice: A small amount of blue, usually with white or yellow.

C. I like things balanced and more formal. Antiques are great as long as they are in good condition. Things should match. Uniformity and balance is good. Color choice: Dark blue, usually with white.

D. I'm quirky and like the unexpected. I do not want my home to look like anyone else's. Color choice: Lavenders and pale purples.

E. I like traditional old school, regal formality. Bring on Renaissance cathedrals, and pomp & circumstance. Color choice: Deep purple.

F. Give me sunshine. I want a bright, cheerful, pick-me-up house that makes me smile even when I've had a bad day. Color choice: Yellow.

G. Let's get going – I want action! Bold and stimulating, my house should show off my creativity and be full of energy. Color choice: Red.

H. Just let me rest . The outside world is frazzled enough: when I get home I want to be a peace. My home should be quiet, contemplative and restful. Color choice: Neutrals like white, beige, brown, taupe, gray and black. ( It's good to add an occasional 'pop' of color to keep things from being bland. This is my personal color scheme, and I use paprika orangey-red as an accent color with many of my accessories).

When determining your color personality, remember that each room does not have to have the same personality. You can have a restful bedroom and a living dining room, for example. Next up: how to marry different personality styles so your house 'flows'.

Source by Abby J. King

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