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Wholesale Costume Jewelery

As much as people like to deny it, jewelry is something we all desire. Whether we prefer a ring or a pair of diamond earrings, individuals of all ages consider jewelry to be a symbol of class and style. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for the average consumer to get his or her hands on this fashionable accessory. Prices have continued to skyrocket to the point that the majority of shoppers have only been able to select from a paltry variety, one limited to very simplistic looking jewelry. Fortunately, a new industry sprung up to address the needs of the financially conservative consumer. This industry has made wholesale costume jewelery widely available, placing stylish jewelry within the financial territories of a larger number of people. The quality of such jewelry has greatly improved thanks to technological progress in the manufacturing process. Given the affordable price of such trendy adorments, it simply does not make sense to put off glamorizing your wardrobe any longer.

Many consumers often wonder why wholesale costume jewelery is available so inexpensively. The answer lies in its unique manufacturing process. Instead of utilizing precious metal to make an entire piece of jewelry, developers arerely coated a non-precious one with either silver or gold. This cut costs considerably. Since most consumers will never see the inner portion of their chain, ring, or bracelet, it is rather pointless to occupy the space with an expensive metal. Over the years, manufacturers have grown more diligent in increasing the thickness of the plating, for occasional usage sometimes decreases the coating in some areas. This has been resolved in jewelry with a much longer lifespan. The karat rating of the plating has also grown in recent years. Many high-quality pieces ofen feature an 18K + plating. This high rating works to attract more attention to the jewelry thanks to its increased luster and color depth. Numerous pieces of plated jewelry look so authentic that few people dare to question their legitimacy.

As with traditional jewelry, wholesale costume jewelery is tailor for a wide array of tastes. Some consumers may prefer a more flashy look that dazzles the eyes of onlookers. This can be achieved with "iced" jewelry. Others may gravitate toward the less flashy, more elegant pieces which feature only a few "diamonds." In either case, the industry has you covered. The more quality-oriented pieces often make use of cubic zirconia stones. These stones imitate the look of actual diamonds surprisingly well, and are more than durable for most consumers' needs. Since they cost only fractions the amount of an actual diamond, manufacturers can use them as sparingly in their products as needed.

Consumers are no longer limited to spending gross amounts of money in hopes of appealing their desire for jewelry. Buying imitation jewelry is one of the best ways you can get your hands on stylish jewelry without subjecting yourself to bankruptcy. Aesthetically, such jewelry is often identical to traditional jewelry, making it indistinguishable from the real thing. A small investment can mean favorable results even when dealing with jewelry.

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