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Why Sterling Silver Rings Are More Popular Than Gold Rings

Gold rings have traditionally been considered the first choice. Not only gold is durable and tarnish free but investing in gold is considered as a wise option. Gifting a gold ring to ones partner is a symbol of serious commitment. Yet there has been a change in this tradition. Rings made of sterling silver have set a new trend. Demands are increasing for these stylish rings and people are favoring the silver sterling rings over gold rings!!

To be noticeable in crowd and to be different from others is what generation next desire for. Whatever has been the trend, the youth of today wishes to be trend setter and not a follower. The young generation looks for new ideas to make a fashion statement. Gold rings and chains will soon be passé. The silver sterling rings match with the type of dressing people prefer today which is more casual and chic.

The sense of dressing and accessorizing reflect the personality of a person. The accessories are worn to demonstrate the attitude of one. A gold ring combined with cool pair of denim jeans and tees is a bad fashion statement. While a simple silver band ring presents a chilled out attitude of a dude. To reflect that macho kind of a look, complete that statement with silver sterling skull ring with or without zirconia’s embellishment.

The fairer sex favors the sterling silver rings as well. The designs and patterns available for them are unlimited. There can be combination of sterling silver and gold in rings. Or one can prefer precious gemstones or zircons embedded in silver rings. There is one for every occasion and for every budget as well.

Gold rings are more suitable for festivals and traditional occasions. But the rings made out of silver sterling are good for just any time and purpose. Wear these to casual parties or daily to office, they complement with each kind of wear and event. And on top of that they are inexpensive. There is one ring for daily wear, one for office, another one for party. This is not possible with gold rings because a single purchase will leave your pocket empty!!

The gold rings have also taken a beating in wedding category as well. A ring in sterling silver with pink topaz decoration is a piece of beauty. Propose your lovely partner and slip this beauty in her tender finger and she won’t be able to say no. there are many kinds of colored gemstones exotically and intricately designed and crafted in a sleek silver ring to gratify different customers and their needs. Select the suitable one as an anniversary gift and see how it illuminates your wife’s face.

All you have to do is to find a legal and experienced dealer on internet. Go through all the variety available with full picture view and details. Verify the details of the selected piece on the specified contact number and order it at no extra price.

Get ready to treat yourself with sparkling, trendy and economical sterling silver ring at your home comfort.

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