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Workout Tips To Build Muscle In The Comfort Of Your Home

Working out at home can be very easy to accomplish. In order to work out at home stretching is recommended to preventing injuries while working out. First you will need to stretch out your back and legs by touching your toes. Hold the stretch for at least thirty seconds. Next, you will need to cross your legs and repeat the same. Stand up cross your arms and hold for at least thirty seconds on each side. Added other stretches is recommended if you have a history of injuries.

If you do not own dumbbells, any size bottle of water can be a substitute. Cement blocks can be used if you need heavier weight. To start curls are used to build muscle in the biceps. Take the bottle of water, hold them by your side and control the bottles of water when curling them in an upward motion. While curling the bottles, in a slow movement, exhale in inhale while curling the water bottles. Remember to have your needs bent for control. I recommend doing repetitions of ten and two sets on each arm.

Now you can build your triceps by using a chair. You are going to do dips by placing your hands on the side of the chair and with your body stretched out as if someone has slipped out of chair. Take your feet and separate them about two feet apart. Now, drop your body so you can push your body up and down with your arms to control your weight. You will be going up and down to build muscle in the arm. I recommend doing repetitions of 20 on two sets.

After this exercise, you can do push ups. Push ups are used to build muscle in the chest. First, spread your arms apart and control your body weight as you go down with your arms spread touching the floor. If you are a beginner, I recommend start from the knee position. Forming larger muscles in the body can be accomplished by eating food with protein. Meats and vegetables is a good food source when working out. The squat exercise is can be used to increase muscle in the thigh area. Twenty repletion’s with sets of two will be good for the day. Sit ups can be used to increase muscle in the stomach area. Twenty repetitions with sets of two are good for beginners. Remember to eat healthy when exercising your body.

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