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Xbox 360 Red Light Fix – Red Rings of Death Error Permanent Fix

Xbox 360 is a video game console where you can play games by installing the game in it. Playing in a video game console is something different from that of playing the game in a PC. Playing game in a PC is considered to be very difficult because of the keyboard controls. Though there are joystick options with your computer, you have to buy those joysticks separately to play. In addition to this certain games will not support in your system because of the games graphical resolution. For this you have to go for a special graphics card in order to play the game. All those demerits have analyzed and lead to the development of new kind of video game consoles.


Xbox 360 is a video game console developed by Microsoft and introduced to the market in the year 2005. The Xbox is a new generation console devices with more features added when compared with that of the other consoles. Now, problems have been reported with the Xbox's hardware. The hardware for the console was designed and developed by Microsoft. Although they do not have much experience in the hardware area, they have designed the consoles motherboard. Therefore the problem has developed in the hardware because of the lack in the hardware knowledge.

The console has been reported with the red light error. The console is designed to inform the user the various technical difficulties by means of an error message and a red light indication in the power ring area. For example, when your console gets overheated, then the console will blink two red lights in the power ring area to inform the user. Likewise there are many problems faced by the console. Now, all the users have complained about a particular error named as E 74. This error is accompanied by three red lights in the power ring area. This problem is commonly known among gamers as the "Red Ring of Deaths" or RRoD.


The main reason for the occurrence is the failure of the heat sink provided for the graphical processing unit. Because of this, the temperature inside the console raises up and leads to the failure of the graphical processing unit. Few say that the error can occur because of the weak sold joints of the chip components in the motherboard. Apart from this some hardware component like the presence of the X clamp is also responsible for this error to occur.

The error can be fixed by means of two ways. The console can be sent to Microsoft service center where it is repaired at free of cost if the console has a valid warranty. But for other consoles the service is charged.

The best way to solve this problem is to repair the console by our own. You do not need any sophisticated tools to undergo the repair work and just a screwdriver will do the job. The benefit of this method is that, the console is repaired within an hour or two and you can start playing on the same day without wasting your time.

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