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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death – Remove X Clamps to Fix 3 Red Light Error Problem

The Xbox 360 is a video game console introduced in the year 2005. The console was designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation which had earlier developed the normal Xbox. Xbox 360 has been reported with hardware problems with its new motherboard which is nothing but the Xenon motherboards. Basically, Xbox 360 is built with three different kinds of motherboards like Xenon, Zypher and Falcon. The Xenon is the newly introduced motherboard and many users worldwide have complained about hardware problems in their consoles which were built with the Xenon motherboards. The cause for the hardware failure is found to be because of the overheating of the console due to long hours of playing causing the console to get overheated.


The console consists of a power ring surrounding the power button. The power ring consists of four LED lights arranged in a ring fashion around the power button. These lights are capable of glowing in red and green color. The color of the LEDs completely depends upon the working of the motherboard. When the console is switched on and started to work, the lights will be glowing in green color. But, if there is any problem with the working then the LEDs will turn to red color warning the user about the problem. At the same time the console also displays an error message on the screen with some codes on it. The number of red lights glowing in the power ring depends upon the type of error and usually variates for each type of error. The commonly known errors are the one red light error, two red lights error, three and the four red lights error. One, two and four red light errors will occur during minor problems in the console and that can be very well resolved by the users.

The "Three Red Lights Error" (three red lights in the power ring) is something different from the other types of error. This error is mostly accompanied by the error message E 74. The problem with this error is that you will not know where the problem has occurred. The problem may have occurred in the chip or motherboard or somewhere else. For example, when the error says there is a problem with the connection they are able to correct them. But, without knowing where the problem has occurred, it becomes difficult for the user to solve them. This error is often known as the "Red Ring of Death" or RRoD.


Three red lights error can be solved by either giving the console to a service center by spending $ 140. There is a permanent fix available to all these red light error and you can repair your console in your home and start playing your games in the same Xbox 360 in just one hour from now. There are some video tutorials which are available online which will tell you the step by step procedure of repairing the consoles for all the red light errors. This is the best way to repair both modded as well as unmodded Xbox 360 consoles in just one hour and start playing games today itself.

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