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Yeast Infection and Ingrown Hair

Hairs that grow above the skin are easy to handle. There are hairs, which grow inside the skin are known as ingrown hair. This is the main cause for yeast infection in the groin area. Antibiotics taken to treat ingrown hair infections also cause yeast infection. To keep yourself safe from yeast infection, there are only two steps that you have to follow carefully.

1. Master the art of shaving properly.
2. Master the art of waxing properly.

Shaving may seem real easy. Just pickup the razor and move it in all directions convenient to you and get rid of the hair. If this is what you do, it is time to change and learn from your mistakes.

First, wet the hair and keep it wet for at least five minutes. This will make your hair moist and will be easy to shave it off. When the hair is not wet, the hair is strong and when you shave it is pulled out from its follicle. The hair then has to retract into the skin surface. If the hair is hard and tough, there are chances that it will grow into the tissue around that area. This will then lead to ingrown hair and then yeast infection.

While shaving, let the skin rest as it is. Do not stretch the skin as this will cause the hair to retract into the tissues. Be as relaxed as you can. This may need a little pressure to be applied, while shaving.

To master this art of shaving, it is very important to shave in the direction of the hair growth. This is vital because every time you shave against the direction, the hair which grows next will become stronger and thicker. When you shave in the same direction as the hair growth, you will not be able to cut the hair too short. This way you can prevent ingrown hair and yeast infection.

The next art that you need to master is waxing. If you are visiting a beauty parlor, it is a must that you check if the girls are well trained and are doing everything right. If you wax at home, then read on and follow the instructions carefully.

In waxing, the prime need is to remove the hair completely without breaking it. First apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction of the skin growth. See to it that you spread it evenly and it shouldn’t be lumpy. The spatula or tongue depressor must be at an angle no more than 45 degrees.

Now apply the cotton strip over the wax and see to it that you only rub in the direction of the hair growth. Leave one third of the area free so that you can pull the strip quickly backwards with a firm grip. The skin taut must be pulled back and kept as tight as possible. The cotton strip should be pulled back in the reverse direction as close to the skin as possible. The strip must be pulled back both quickly and with a little force. This is the best way to remove hair. Slow and repeated removal of the cotton strip will be both painful and will leave a little hair in patches. This has to be removed again causing more trouble. If the strip is not pulled back quickly it may even cause blood clots in the sensitive area. If the hair is pulled up or out, there is a lot of damage done. These are the main factors which cause ingrown hair and yeast infection.

Do not wear tight clothes for a day or two after waxing. Exfoliate the skin; this can be done with the help of a loofah sponge. This helps in removing the dead skin that may accumulate in the calves, under arms, bikini line and upper thighs. Just follow these simple rules while shaving or waxing and be sure of a life with no ingrown hair or yeast infection.

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